Europa tras el 7 de octubre: vuelve la yihad

Europa tras el 7 de octubre: vuelve la yihad

Origen, evolución y futuro de la amenaza islamista

An attack on Israel, an attack on the West

We have always believed and defended that if, under the impulse of its multiple enemies, Israel was to fell, we would fall behind. Because we saw the defense of civilization against barbarism at the gates of Israel.

por Rafael L. Bardají y Richard Kemp, 23 de octubre de 2023

Tras Israel, Europa: origen, evolución y futuro de la amenaza islamista

El ataque terrorista del siete de octubre de 2023 contra Israel ha sido el punto de partida de una llamada a la yihad global que se ha traducido en ataques terroristas continuos en distintas ciudades europeas

por GEES, 22 de octubre de 2023

The Jihad against Spain: Origin, Evolution and Future of the Islamist Threat

Spain is a priority target for Islamic terrorism due to our country?s distinctive history, culture, and its belonging to Western civilization. Fighting against it requires knowing the nature of the challenge. The evolution of the threat against Spain depends on the evolution of terrorism in the rest of Europe and North Africa as these pages reveal. This book, the result of months of research by the analysts of the Strategic Studies Group covers the history, development, and perspectives of the fight against Islamism not only on Spanish and European soil, but it also analyzes its evolution in the Maghreb and the Sahel.

por GEES, 1 de febrero de 2018