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About those Iraqi weapons . . .

The inspectors never were able to account for all of Saddam's weapons. So the question is, what happened to them?

por William Kristol, 24 de mayo de 2004

Of mice and men

Some war supporters, having previously written eloquently of America's generational commitment, the magnitude of the cause, and the transformational nature of 9/11, have now decided that a few months of bungling by the Bush admini-stration require throwing in the towel on the central front in the war on terror.

por William Kristol, 19 de mayo de 2004

Democracy now

We do not know how close the American effort in Iraq may be to irrecoverable failure.

por William Kristol y Robert Kagan, 17 de mayo de 2004

Too Few Troops

The recent violence in Iraq has confirmed that the level of American military forces has been too low to accomplish the president's mission ever since the invasion phase of the war ended last April.

por Robert Kagan y William Kristol, 26 de abril de 2004

The Crisis in Europe

Whatever the motives of Spanish voters, however much the Aznar government mishandled the aftermath of the attack, last Sunday's Spanish election was a victory for terror.

por William Kristol, 22 de marzo de 2004

The Right War for the Right Reasons

With all the turmoil surrounding David Kay's comments on the failure to find stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons in Iraq, it is time to return to first principles, and to ask the question: Was it right to go to war?

por William Kristol y Robert Kagan, 23 de febrero de 2004

More Caissons Rolling Along

Since this magazine started eight years ago, we have argued that the American military, and especially the U.S. Army, was too small.

por William Kristol y Tom Donnelly, 9 de febrero de 2004

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