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Ethiopia versus the Islamists

After holding Mogadishu for six months, Somalia's Islamists have been swept from power, ousted in a blitzkrieg attack by the Ethiopian military.

por Vance Serchuk, 11 de enero de 2007

The pact with New Delhi is too important to derail

Will America’s partnership with India fall victim to politics? The Bush administration's proposed agreement on civil nuclear cooperation with New Delhi -once predicted to win approval from Congress as early as June- is under a growing cloud.

por Tom Donnelly y Vance Serchuk, 16 de junio de 2006

Army Building and Nation Building

While the White House and its critics continue to spar over the war in Iraq, there is broad consensus that the success or failure of the U.S. enterprise there increasingly turns on the Pentagon’s ability to stand up indigenous security forces.

por Vance Serchuk, 15 de febrero de 2006

The Future of Kosovo

The biggest problem in Kosovo -regardless of its political status- remains governance. Although diplomats speak valiantly about the territory’s “European destiny,” Kosovo at least in the near future is more likely to resemble Moldova than the Czech Republic.

por Vance Serchuk, 17 de octubre de 2005

Kabuled Together

the perception of political and economic progress in Afghanistan is ultimately the key to isolating extremist groups and fracturing their ranks. In the midst of this summer's violence, for instance, approximately 200 Taliban accepted the Karzai government's amnesty offer.

por Vance Serchuk, 22 de septiembre de 2005

The Good Fight

This week, the heads of state of more than 170 countries are meeting to consider wide-ranging reforms for the United Nations. But any mention of the expansion of the Security Council will be off the agenda, thanks in no small part to the diplomatic exertions of the Bush administration.

por Vance Serchuk, 16 de septiembre de 2005

Nation Building, After All

Afghanistan has been treated as little more than a mark on a checklist, validating theories about the future American way of war and the universal appeal of democracy.

por Tom Donnelly y Vance Serchuk, 7 de abril de 2005

China's Blunder The Anti-Secession Law and Its Implications

With China’s declaration of an anti-secession law, Washington has received a timely if unwelcome reminder of the depth of Beijing’s determination to retake Taiwan and the reality of geopolitical rivalry in East Asia.

por Tom Donnelly y Vance Serchuk, 30 de marzo de 2005

Diamonds for Blood. How terrorism funds itself

Of these stories, one--Iraq's purported attempts to acquire uranium from Niger--is well known. The other--al Qaeda's purchase of conflict diamonds in Sierra Leone and Liberia--is not. Thus it makes a well-deserving subject for a new book, namely Blood From Stones by veteran investigative journalist and former Washington Post West Africa bureau chief Douglas Farah.

por Vance Serchuk, 4 de enero de 2005

A Bigger, Badder, Better Army

The president's electoral victory on November 2 did not settle this argument, but it gave him a new opportunity to prove his case. Ultimately, a second Bush administration must convince Americans and the world that a tolerant, democratic Middle East is not a desert mirage, but a winnable prospect. And real success must be achieved both in and beyond Afghanistan and Iraq.

por Vance Serchuk y Tom Donnelly, 25 de noviembre de 2004

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