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The Goal is Victory

It is also clear from the president's speech that the quality of Iraqi army training has been vastly improved since the early days.

por Tom Donnelly, 9 de diciembre de 2005

A Global Partnership between the U.S. and India

If India, like early America, is essentially still an inward-looking democracy with regional strategic priorities, the United States today is the inverse: a confident democracy striving to manage a global order that is fundamentally strong but coming under increasing strain.

por Tom Donnelly, 11 de septiembre de 2005

Shocked and Awed: Defense Transformation in Iraq and Afghanistan

Two recent books by experienced war correspondents tell important stories that call parts of the defense transformation program into question.

por Tom Donnelly, 25 de mayo de 2005

Nation Building, After All

Afghanistan has been treated as little more than a mark on a checklist, validating theories about the future American way of war and the universal appeal of democracy.

por Tom Donnelly y Vance Serchuk, 7 de abril de 2005

Going Out for Indian

A U.S.-India strategic partnership, if fully developed, would be the single most important step toward an alliance capable of meeting the 21st century's principal challenges: radical Islam and rising China.

por Tom Donnelly, 4 de abril de 2005

China's Blunder The Anti-Secession Law and Its Implications

With China’s declaration of an anti-secession law, Washington has received a timely if unwelcome reminder of the depth of Beijing’s determination to retake Taiwan and the reality of geopolitical rivalry in East Asia.

por Tom Donnelly y Vance Serchuk, 30 de marzo de 2005

The Pentagon's New Plan: Is the new National Defense Strategy an improvement, or a step backward?

The brand-new National Defense Strategy of the United States is pretty good stuff. It's vintage Rumsfeld, preaching the gospel of 'continuous transformation,' which, when you think about it, is a uniquely American idea.

por Tom Donnelly, 29 de marzo de 2005

China's Strategy

They're happy to let us worry about North Korea while they assemble long-term plans to counter American hegemony.

por Tom Donnelly, 21 de marzo de 2005

Strategy and Air Power

The September 11 attacks, the subsequent invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and the counterinsurgency campaigns that have increasingly defined the day-to-day reality of the global war on terror have all recast these assumptions about U.S. national security.

por Tom Donnelly, 10 de marzo de 2005

Allies and Allies

To begin with, Japan appears to be undergoing a true strategic renaissance, even to the point now of pushing the Bush administration to take its responsibilities in East Asia seriously and not sublimate the problem of China entirely to concerns in the Middle East.

por Tom Donnelly, 3 de marzo de 2005

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