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Intelligence Deficit Disorder

Democratic Representative Jane Harman's press release on the resignation of CIA Director Porter Goss is a decent guide to the debilitating problems afflicting the agency's clandestine service.

por Reuel Marc Gerecht, 10 de mayo de 2006

To Bomb, or Not to Bomb. That is the Iran question

Owing to Chinese and Russian obstreperousness, the United Nations would probably fail to agree on any sanctions, let alone a sanctions regime with sufficient bite to intimidate the mullahs. The Europeans--at least the French, Germans, and British if not the Italians--would do a bit better, primarily because the French, despite their laissez-passer cynicism and their Gaullist pride vis-à-vis the United States, have developed a strong distaste for the clerics.

por Reuel Marc Gerecht, 21 de abril de 2006

Can the Shiite Center Hold?

The Shiites of Iraq who want representative government, and who look to the resolutely moderate Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani for religious and political guidance, have endured Baathists, Sunni supremacists and holy warriors.

por Reuel Marc Gerecht, 4 de abril de 2006

Coming Soon: Nuclear Theocrats?

The new president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is a godsend. The Americans, the Europeans, and even the Russians are now treating clerical Iran's 20-year quest to develop nuclear weapons more seriously.

por Reuel Marc Gerecht, 30 de enero de 2006

Bush's Great Middle East Gamble. The best hope for Iran is winning in Iraq

By the end of the presidency, Bush will likely rank with Ronald Reagan, the last president American liberals and 'realists' truly disliked, as one of the boldest and most far-sighted American leaders.

por Reuel Marc Gerecht, 17 de noviembre de 2005

What's the Matter with Gitmo?

We are all always rightly concerned about the operational morality of America's intelligence agencies; we should probably be more concerned about their competence.

por Reuel Marc Gerecht, 1 de julio de 2005

What Hath Ju-Ju Wrought!

Let's take a quick tour d'horizon and see where we are in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Tunisia, Iran, Iraq.

por Reuel Marc Gerecht, 14 de marzo de 2005

Europe Should Be Careful What It Wishes for in Iran

Iran's nuclear program is likely to derail any serious rapprochement between the United States and western Europe.

por Reuel Marc Gerecht, 3 de marzo de 2005

The Struggle for the Middle East

But what should be the administration's Middle East project for the next four years? Post-Saddam Iraq is not a failure--as long as roughly 80 percent of Iraq's population is moving towards democratic governance, we're not failing. But it is certainly an awful mess.

por Reuel Marc Gerecht, 30 de diciembre de 2004

Will Iran Win the Iraq War?

The U.S. simply cannot entertain the possibility of pre-emptively striking clerical Iran's nuclear-weapons facilities for fear of producing a two-front, hopeless mess in Iraq, where the Shiites have so far overwhelming refused to join the Sunni insurgency.

por Reuel Marc Gerecht, 23 de diciembre de 2004

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