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The Radioactive Republic of Iran

To Tehran, the West is naïve. More diplomacy will only give the Islamic Republic time to achieve its nuclear goal.

por Michael Rubin, 19 de enero de 2006

Lebanon's Tenuous Transformation

The triumph of democratic liberalism in Lebanon will depend not only upon continued European and American assistance to Lebanese democrats, but also upon the ability of Western governments to identify and direct pressure upon mechanisms of continued Syrian control.

por Michael Rubin, 27 de octubre de 2005

Who Killed the Bush Doctrine?

The Bush doctrine is dead, the victim not of outside circumstances, but rather lack of will and ineptness.

por Michael Rubin, 10 de octubre de 2005

Beware the Arafat Model in Iraq

U.S. officials need to make sure that the rule of law is enforced in Iraq rather than allowing the various factions to make empty promises and accept U.S. support even as they operate in defiance of American aims.

por Michael Rubin, 4 de octubre de 2005

Iraq has voted

Braving bullets and bombs, millions of Iraqis cast their ballots yesterday in Iraq's first free elections in half a century. First reports suggested turnout in excess of 70%. While the Independent Election Commission of Iraq will not announce the official results for another two weeks, the encouragingly high voter turnout undercuts the cynicism of a press corps that questioned the election's legitimacy before the first ballots were even cast.

por Michael Rubin, 7 de febrero de 2005

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