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If It Dies, C'est La Vie

If the EU constitution goes down in flames, Europe’s political elites would do well to remind themselves of that simple but profound point as they decide their next course.

por Gary Schmitt, 2 de junio de 2005

Lien’s Trip Takes Taiwan Down the Wrong Path

The problems Taiwan faces today are not unusual. Newly elected democrats often struggle to learn how to govern and opposition parties just as often struggle to learn how to criticize the government policies without undercutting the government.

por Dan Blumenthal y Gary Schmitt, 5 de mayo de 2005

What Pres. Roh Should Do about North Korea's Nukes

The reality is that President Roh¡´s conciliatory policy toward North Korea has not worked. It has neither stopped the North from moving ahead with its nuclear weapons program nor has it substantially lessened the tyrannical hold the Pyongyang government has over its impoverished and terrorized population.

por Gary Schmitt, 19 de diciembre de 2004

Shooting First

Has our experience in Iraq effectively removed from play a policy option that many here and abroad believed was the cornerstone of the Bush administration's new strategic doctrine?

por Gary Schmitt, 30 de mayo de 2004

Our Basic Instincts Were Sound

If David Kay is right about what his weapons inspection teams have found in Iraq, it's clear the Bush administration was wrong about Iraq's programs to develop weapons of mass destruction.

por Gary Schmitt, 1 de febrero de 2004

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