Autor: Frank J. Gaffney Jr.

One war . . .

Once the campaign to eliminate al Qaeda was launched, there was no consideration given to negotiating with the terrorists or the government that afforded them protection.

por Frank J. Gaffney Jr., 4 de agosto de 2006

Pyongyang Goes Ballistic

At any moment, the North Korean regime of Kim Jong-Il will demonstrate that it has acquired the means to deliver nuclear weapons and other payloads over very long distances. It is likely that one of the intended targets for such weapons is the United States of America.

por Frank J. Gaffney Jr., 27 de junio de 2006

Divest Iran

One of the most important public policy fights in years is taking place within the U.S. government. The debate is over how to deal with the growing danger posed by Islamofascist Iran.

por Frank J. Gaffney Jr., 1 de junio de 2006

Olmert's expectations?

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is in town this week on a sales campaign. He hopes to secure U.S. approval and financing for his controversial plan to withdraw unilaterally Israeli civilians and troops from nearly all of the West Bank and even parts of Jerusalem.

por Frank J. Gaffney Jr., 24 de mayo de 2006

There are seven preliminary lessons from today’s attacks

The attackers exhibited the sort of calculation and ruthlessness that has come to be associated with the ideology at the heart of the war on terror: Islamofascism. Synchronized attacks on public infrastructure and spaces with a view to murdering as many civilians as possible and timed to interrupt or otherwise influence national or international events is a hallmark of those we have been fighting since 9/11 in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere around the globe.

por Frank J. Gaffney Jr., 9 de julio de 2005