Autor: Danielle Pletka

A Pushover for Pyongyang

Here we get to the heart of the matter: Is an accord with Pyongyang that manages to make some undetermined progress on disarming North Korea and allows a marginal engagement with the regime worth the price? Doubtless among would-be nuclear weapons states such as Iran and Syria, the deal will be seen as a model.

por Danielle Pletka, 19 de mayo de 2008

ElBaradei's Real Agenda

On Friday, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director General Mohamed ElBaradei submitted a report on Iran's nuclear program to the IAEA's Board of Governors. It concluded that, barring 'one major remaining issue relevant to the nature of Iran's nuclear programme' -- including a mysterious 'green salt project' -- Iran's explanations of its suspicious nuclear activities 'are consistent with [the IAEA's] findings [or at least] not inconsistent.'

por Danielle Pletka y Michael Rubin, 26 de febrero de 2008

Quiénes están negociando hoy con Irán

12 países han utilizado agencias de crédito a la exportación pública - financiadas por el contribuyente - para suscribir negocios con Irán por valor de al menos 6.480 millones de dólares.

por Danielle Pletka, 6 de junio de 2007

The tyranny doctrine

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announced resumption of full U.S. diplomatic relations with Libya, citing Tripoli's renunciation of terrorism and intelligence cooperation. This ends a quarter-century diplomatic freeze. It also marks an effective end to the Bush doctrine.

por Danielle Pletka y Michael Rubin, 8 de junio de 2006

Without Reforms, the Mideast Risks Revolution

Only economic liberalization and political freedom can quell the frustration that breeds Islamic extremism in the Middle East.

por Danielle Pletka, 8 de mayo de 2005

Without reforms, the Mideast risks revolution

The task of employing these Arab millions demands a major rethink of the current economic model that prevails in the Middle East.

por Augusto Lopez-Claros y Danielle Pletka, 8 de abril de 2005