Autor: Dan Darling

First a Wall -- Then Amnesty

Every sensible immigration policy has two objectives: (1) to regain control of our borders so that it is we who decide who enters and (2) to find a way to normalize and legalize the situation of the 11 million illegals among us.

por Dan Darling, 20 de marzo de 2007

An Omission of Note: Iraq, Iran, and al Qaeda's master strategist

Last week the Washington Post featured a story on Mustafa Setmariam Nasar, the Spanish-Syrian al Qaeda strategist who wrote the 1,600 page Call for a Global Islamic Resistance.

por Dan Darling, 20 de junio de 2006

Willful Ignorance

Judge Juan del Olmo, who is heading up the official Spanish investigation into the attacks, has said that the Madrid bombings were 'were carried out by a local cell linked to a international terrorist network . . . of Islamic fanatics which planted the bombs had links stretching through France, Belgium, Italy, Morocco and to Iraq.' Is it that much to ask that the U.S. intelligence community be at least as informed as members of the Spanish judiciary?

por Dan Darling, 24 de marzo de 2006

How to head off the next jihad

Tired of Aceh, Afghanistan, Algeria, Chechnya and Kashmir as places to do a spot of jihad? Worried Iraq may be a shrinking market for terrorism, and Pakistan tougher than expected? Consider Thailand - where a little publicized war has raged between Muslim Malay insurgents and Bang-kok's army since 2002.

por Dan Darling, 13 de diciembre de 2005