Autor: Dan Blumenthal

A Japan That Can Say Yes. We should welcome the nationalism of Prime Minister Abe

The Conventional Wisdom is that the ascension of Japan's Shinzo Abe to the prime minister's post is bad news for Japan and, by extension, the United States. Abe is an ardent nationalist who, the thinking goes, will unleash the country's lurking militarism, thus isolating Japan and, indirectly, Washington from the rest of Asia.

por Dan Blumenthal y Gary Schmitt, 16 de octubre de 2006

Fear and Loathing in Asia

China is working to undermine America’s bilateral alliances. And it is having some success with South Korea, as well as providing countries such as India with the opportunity to play Beijing and Washington off against each other or at least compete for their courtship.

por Dan Blumenthal, 30 de marzo de 2006

Qué hemos ganado en Irak

Considere que en tres años, Irak ha pasado de soportar una dictadura brutal a elegir democráticamente un gobierno provisional para ratificar una nueva constitución redactada por los iraquíes, pasando por elegir democráticamente un gobierno permanente el pasado diciembre.

por Dan Blumenthal, 23 de marzo de 2006

Who Are Those Guys? Understanding the ties between Ansar al Islam, the GSPC, the Sudanese Islamic Army, and al Qaeda

Skeptics of Iraqi ties to al Qaeda appear prepared to argue that even if Saddam did have substantial connections to Ansar al Islam, the GSPC, and the Sudanese Islamic Army, these relations do not constitute ties to al Qaeda.

por Dan Blumenthal, 19 de enero de 2006

Wishful Thinking in Our Time

Months overdue, the Pentagon's annual report to Congress on China's military power is a mix of happy talk, flabby strategic musings, and sobering facts. No doubt this analytic confusion explains the quite divergent news accounts of the report when it was released on July 19.

por Dan Blumenthal y Gary Schmitt, 10 de agosto de 2005

Strengthening the U.S.-Australian Alliance

Prime Minister John Howard of Australia has made the strategic gamble that a tight alliance with the United States is better for his country’s national security than the narrow pursuit of self-reliance. As a result, Australia is an active participant in the global war on terror and has developed a stronger diplomatic position in Asia than it has enjoyed in years.

por Dan Blumenthal, 6 de mayo de 2005

Lien’s Trip Takes Taiwan Down the Wrong Path

The problems Taiwan faces today are not unusual. Newly elected democrats often struggle to learn how to govern and opposition parties just as often struggle to learn how to criticize the government policies without undercutting the government.

por Dan Blumenthal y Gary Schmitt, 5 de mayo de 2005

The Revival of the U.S.-Japanese Alliance

This is the first issue of Asian Outlook, a new bimonthly publication that will identify and analyze specific topics that either concern American strategic interests in Asia today or will assume greater importance in the near future.

por Dan Blumenthal, 8 de marzo de 2005