World War V

por Rafael L. Bardají, 16 de julio de 2017

(Published in La Gaceta, july 13, 2017)

We all study that World War I, also known as the Great War, was fought to end all wars. However, as we know well, it actually just put an end to European empires. World War II was the struggle against Nazi totalitarianism and brutal Japanese imperialism; nonetheless, the victory of democracies left intact the communist dictatorship in Russia and was unable to stop the expansion of the Soviet empire throughout Central Europe. What came after World War II was nothing more than the confrontation between the West and the Soviet East—what we know as the Cold War, which in reality was World War III and that would not end until the collapse of the USSR. In the 1990s, Westerners believed that we had reached the end of history and that violence had been banished from our lives.
Yet, another new planetary conflagration, World War IV, was actually in the making. Although many authors coincide in pinpointing the outbreak of this new war on September 11, 2001 due to the al-Qaeda attacks in New York and Washington DC, the rise of jihadism can be more precisely pinned down to 1979, when the Khomeinist revolution In Iran, the Grand Mosque seizure of Mecca by Islamist militants, and the Russian invasion of Afghanistan took place. Be that as it may, World War IV, between the modern world versus Islamic fundamentalism, is still being fought. Not even the news of the fall of Mosul, after three years under the control of the Islamic State, puts us closer to the end or to the beginning of the end.
World wars had been fought until now one at the time despite their scattering into different theaters of operations. For the first time in our history, we are now involved in two world wars at the same time since, without having put an end to the fourth one, we are entering into the fifth at an accelerated pace. One can accurately say that this new war started on November 8, 2016 — the day of the American presidential elections that culminated with the victory of Donald Trump.
To be precise, World War V is a civil war rocking the Western World. It is a war pitting the institutional and technocratic elites that have placidly governed our world during the last decades against citizens increasingly detached from their leaders and public institutions. For the time being, it is a confrontation, though uneven and—resorting to strategic jargon—asymmetric, given that the main tools of defense are in the hands of the leaders. However, it is undeniable that inroads are being made by increasingly larger sections of societies rebelling, exhausted from hearing empty and deceptive speeches as well as from decisions that endanger the basic values of coexistence for a nation, let alone for national identity itself.
Every war has a central front; for World War V, that front is the battle of everyone against Donald Trump inside and outside the United States. In fact, it is a startling alliance of American left-wing progressives and the Republican establishment; of European leaders of all stripes, from conservatives such as Merkel, undefined such as Macron, to the Italian left and right-wing socialdemocrats such as Rajoy. It is precisely this spectrum more multicolored than the rainbow flag, which depicts a reality that cannot be concealed any longer: It is the death throes of the political establishment that has ruled our destiny during all these years versus the forces pushing to recover the spirit of the West — the only viable alternative for the regeneration of the system in which we have ended up.
President Trump could not have said it clearer in his speech pronounced last week in Warsaw: “This great community of nations has something else in common: In every one of them [making part of our civilization], it is the people, not the powerful, who have always formed the foundation of freedom and the cornerstone of our defense.”
The Poles, throughout their tragic history, know it very well. Poland was divided and temporarily erased from the map at the hands of the great powers of the moment; communism tried in vain to destroy its freedom, faith, history, values, "its humanity", according to Donald Trump. Nonetheless, oppression was not enough to eradicate their desire to survive as Poles.
At present, Russia constitutes a very different threat to Central Europe; however, the current project of the European Union unfortunately matches the attempts to dilute Poland's national character: The bureaucracy and leaders who do not believe in national borders and do nothing to defend them; some leaders who deny the historical and Judeo-Christian roots of our societies; politicians who, focused on perpetuating their own privileges, expose the middle and lower classes to the assault of immigration; some self-absorbed leaders whose only game is to tax unmercifully the citizens who actually pay for their leaders’ salaries; an establishment based on electoral systems specifically designed to prevent any changes from taking place. 
November 8, 2016 was the day that set off all the alarms for all the institutional forces that, for the first time in decades, saw in peril their extensive mantle of power, impunity, and deep moral corruption. However, the people's revolution was already brewing, especially since September 2015, when German chancellor Angela Merkel, taking over the will of the entire European Union, single-handedly decided to open Europe’s borders to anyone wishing to come to our continent. The result has been that the Syrian alleged refugees were fewer than expected compared to all the other people that arrived in Europe, from Africans to Afghans, including jihadists.
The European establishment heaved a sigh of relief after Geert Wilders' no-win in Holland and the electoral failure of the National Front in France — and bet on the American president's switch to pragmatism and backdoor dealing. As it was abundantly clear at the special NATO summit, the G-7 meeting, the recent visit to Poland, and the G-20 summit in Hamburg, they were wrong again about Trump — as wrong as they also are regarding the decline of the so-called populist forces. How long do they think they can keep everyday Europeans happy? In the Nordic countries and Germany, the refugees are sadly known as "rapefugees" given the alarming wave of sexual assaults committed by migrants. Crime rates have skyrocketed in all criminal categories and, as taxpayers know, the lack of control of migration flows jeopardizes the sustainability of the Welfare State to which we are so addicted. As a forthcoming report by the Strategic Studies Group on the cost of immigration for Spain highlights, migrants do not come to save our pensions, but to use our social services, to erode the labor market, and to threaten our peace and tranquility.
The European Union and our leaders have been ruthless when confronted with the logical demands for protection raised by the citizens of Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, etc. In addition, these leaders are helpless when it comes to solving their citizens’ real problems. That is why their credibility is in the doldrums and, for that same reason, it is irretrievable. I do not know how long the establishment will be able to cling to the power it holds now, but, sooner or later, they will have nowhere to hide. Their defeat is a matter of survival: If they win, Islam will actually be the winner; if we succeed in making them lose, our nations, our identity, our freedom, and our security will win. That is what is at stake in this World War V that has just begun.