We Will All Be Tzipi Livni Soon

por Rafael L. Bardají, 18 de diciembre de 2009


(Published in ABC, December 18, 2009)
If Clausewitz rose from the dead, instead of writing that war is the continuation of politics by other means, he could say that the law is the prolongation of war. There is no other way to explain the wrongful use of the "universal jurisdiction" concept as seen in the most recent case of a warrant issued by a British court to arrest former Israeli Foreign Minister and Opposition Leader Tzipi Livni's during her ? canceled ? visit to the United Kingdom.
Originally crafted to facilitate the punishment of genocidal leaders in countries with no civil liberties or an independent justice system, the concept has become the best weapon used by all those groups and judges looking to achieve via the justice system what they cannot achieve by political means.
Furthermore, Tzipi Livni is unjustly accused of war crimes during the Israeli operation in Gaza because it is the way to attack the State of Israel. It is an indirect, Al Capone-style strategy ? however, it is not the case since Israel is not a criminal here.
Regardless of opinions about this country, Israel is actually the only obstacle standing in the way of Islamic fundamentalism, jihad, and us ? particularly now that the Obamericans are in full retreat.
In fact, to punish Israel for its right to self-defense is not only unfair, but we can end up paying very dearly for this stupid game. Do you know that every time you open your computer and see the Intel Inside sticker, you should actually be reading Israel Inside because it is precisely there, in Israel, where the processor was designed?
In addition, this universal justice is not so much a universal quest; it is only a quest against the West. Where are the vindicators of the world, such as Spanish judge Baltazar Garzón, when it comes to taking Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to court for his constant incitement to genocide, which is typified as a crime according to the 1948 Convention? Where are they when it comes to real genocide leaders such as the ones in North Korea or Sudan?
Used by the Left, by Palestinian radicals, and by undercover Islamists, the principle of universal jurisdiction is no more than a universal injustice. Just one more disguise for totalitarianism.

©2009 Translated by Miryam Lindberg