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Strengthening the U.S.-Australian Alliance

Prime Minister John Howard of Australia has made the strategic gamble that a tight alliance with the United States is better for his country’s national security than the narrow pursuit of self-reliance. As a result, Australia is an active participant in the global war on terror and has developed a stronger diplomatic position in Asia than it has enjoyed in years.

por Dan Blumenthal, 6 de mayo de 2005

Lien’s Trip Takes Taiwan Down the Wrong Path

The problems Taiwan faces today are not unusual. Newly elected democrats often struggle to learn how to govern and opposition parties just as often struggle to learn how to criticize the government policies without undercutting the government.

por Dan Blumenthal y Gary Schmitt, 5 de mayo de 2005

La irresponsabilidad europea

Decir que le vendemos esas tecnologías porque de todas formas los chinos terminarán desarrollándolas por sí mismos es un argumento de un especioso como para que se nos caiga la cara de vergüenza.

por GEES, 18 de abril de 2005

China's Blunder The Anti-Secession Law and Its Implications

With China’s declaration of an anti-secession law, Washington has received a timely if unwelcome reminder of the depth of Beijing’s determination to retake Taiwan and the reality of geopolitical rivalry in East Asia.

por Tom Donnelly y Vance Serchuk, 30 de marzo de 2005

China's Strategy

They're happy to let us worry about North Korea while they assemble long-term plans to counter American hegemony.

por Tom Donnelly, 21 de marzo de 2005

The Korean Peninsula. Six Party Talks and the Nuclear Issue

The most dangerous threat from North Korea, in the U.S. view, is the proliferation of WMD or elements of it to terrorists or to states sponsoring terrorism.

por James R. Lilley, 18 de marzo de 2005

'Those Subtle Chinese'

New security structures are needed in East Asia, but they should involve America's democratic allies, all of whom now share an increasing fear of a China whose rise may or may not be entirely peaceful.

por Robert Kagan, 11 de marzo de 2005

The Revival of the U.S.-Japanese Alliance

This is the first issue of Asian Outlook, a new bimonthly publication that will identify and analyze specific topics that either concern American strategic interests in Asia today or will assume greater importance in the near future.

por Dan Blumenthal, 8 de marzo de 2005

William Kristol: «Europa debería preocuparse del aislacionismo norteamericano»

William Kristol dirige la revista Weekly Standard, la más influyente del entorno del Partido Republicano. Se atribuye a su movimiento neoconservador el ser el sustento ideológico de la política exterior de la Administración Bush. Fue jefe de gabinete del vicepresidente Dan Quayle. Esta semana ha visitado Madrid para reunirse con el Grupo de Estudios Estratégicos que reúne a analistas -conservadores- de política exterior.

por Ramón Pérez-Maura, 23 de noviembre de 2003

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